El cáncer del pulmón mundial 3

Since the 80s, the creators of Oxizonia were already very aware of the existing problem in the Amazon. It is or was a jungle so big that Europe could fit in it. But due to our smart actions, it may take a generation to end this region.

My name is José Ramón, tengo 54 años. I'm not even a scientist, no biologist. I am a lover of life, of all lives, and I am consistent with my actions. If the planet's health is ill, our health too. I've been with this initiative since I can remember. Comencé a preocuparme por el estado de la selva amazónica cuando tenía 20 años. There I already saw news that talked about the big problem, verified data, and he predicted a very future, but very black. A mis 20 años ya viajaba a laca pital del Amazonas Brasileño, MANAOS, I wanted to know firsthand the existing problems.

The trees, they catch fire to make way for farmland , large pastures etc. Countless trees are cut down to supply us with wood, I know the rivers are poisoned for the extraction of gold, and countless more genocides against our home, LA MADRE TIERRA.


The Amazon, es un territorio 10 veces el de España. Live a third of the animals and plants on earth, but every year an area similar to that of Andalusia is burned. Me remonto a los años 80. Ahora nos encontramos en 2020, and the dire consequences that humanity is experiencing are the result of our past actions. Trees are burned to work the land, to generate livestock wealth. Those flames and that smoke cause world lung cancer.