home 17 home 18 The activity human has razed more than the 10% of the Amazon rainforest since the 1960s. It is thought that at the current rate, the Amazon could disappear in the next 30 years we can help ... YOU CAN PREVENT ... I WANT TO COLLABORATE home 19 I WANT TO COLLABORATE You'll be working with care maintenance and conservation of the reserve OXIZONIA-REC, slowing the advance of mining and ILLEGAL LOGGING, while promoting the development of a sustainable economy for this region of the planet. BECOME
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home 20 Forest Fairies and Elves Our most exciting project. "Consciences factory" KNOW THE PROJECT home 21 home 22 At the time of becoming Cooperation partner of OXIZONIA, you can download this certificate in your name that will attest to an active position against one of the most worrisome environmental problems of our times. I WANT TO COLLABORATE




One of the major problems facing our planet is deforestation. So that the world's forests are decreasing day by day. One of the main reasons for deforestation is illegal logging.

illegal logging, It is the illegal activity for forest resources, in breach of existing laws governing logging and protect the natural heritage.

The World Bank estimates that losses are generated by more than 5 billion annually due to illegal logging of timber products, as well as, additional 10 billion for forest-related crimes. This illegal activity affects more than 70 countries, among them Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia and Peru. Peru, It ranked ninth globally in forest area, with 78.8 million. According to Environment Minister Antonio Brack, the country annually loses 150.000 ha of forest.

a) Expansion of the agricultural frontier lands suitable for forestry.
b) Titling for agricultural land on forest land and permanent production forests.
c) Lack of political decision.
d) Lack of alternatives for local populations.
e) High demand for high-value wood.
f) significant corruption and absence of exemplary sanctions


Our award safeguarding our natural resources making possible private management conservation and protection of biodiversity Ecological.

We create a conservation model that allows protect fragile ecosystems and the headwaters of the river basin allowing the conservation of biodiversity, ensuring the conservation and management process an Ecosystem.

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We are registered in public records oxizonia-rec Peru with code
n-2009- 00021784.
Location: cusco-district department Kosñipata- buffer zone manu National Park, find ourselves in the southeastern jungle region between the departments of Cusco and Madre de Dios.
Area:Perimeter Hectares 370.520866: 10387.177369M Datum:wgs-84 Esc: 1/10.000

You can be the change

We love what we do and we have big plans, but fortunately or unfortunately, actions of this importance need the support of both private, and companies and organizations.

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Reforestation Plans

The reforestation plan is based on the following guideline: Try to recover the authentic structure of forests. Therefore we reforestation triangles so that not a plantation open lines

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To size, observe and assess the state of plants and wildlife is not easy but this gives us important information that allows us to modify and communicate our experiences to stakeholders.

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The main activity to develop in this space is the weekly monitoring of the seeds planted to record growth and when the time is right, transplant them into bags until they acquire the ideal size to be planted.


In the depths of the Amazon rainforest indigenous peoples live who have no contact with the outside world, and most of them are at risk of extinction from disease and loss of their lands.

Illegal loggers and cattle ranchers invade their territory and carry them all kinds of diseases for which your body does not have any defense. They will not survive unless this stops.

From Oxizonia work through direct local actions for these tribes can continue living in their habitat has been for centuries, without interference from mining companies and timber.

"Nobody has the right to rob the future for quick profits in this. You need to know when we have enough "

home 31 IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE THE ILLEGAL MINING Mercury used in the process of illegal extraction of gold in the rivers of the jungle, just it is absorbed by living organisms that live there, thus incorporating the human food chain. Güido journalist Lombardi flies over areas Guacamayo and Huapetuhe, affected by illegal mining in Madre de Dios, in a report of its program RPP News. The visual impact of these images, reminds us that all action for curb this natural disaster and human, possibly be little before the magnitude of the problem. Help us stop this disaster. Protect your forest!! home 32 To see in

Our area of ​​action

The requested concession area is adjacent to private property “Palmaceda”, Ecological Reserve Chontachaca in the Department Cusco, Paucartambo province, district Kosñipata, Chontachaca community, (Buffer zone Manu National Park).

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