Amazon Forest, as you already know, is the lungs of the planet and one of the most important areas of the Earth due to its variety and uniqueness of flora and fauna that inhabit this.

You want to learn 10 fun facts about this great forest?:

  1. Amazon is such a big forest, which extends to nine countries. It is in Brazil where most of this forest exists (60%).
  2. It is said that a total of about 390 billion trees. This figure is slowly going down due to hundreds of hectares are lost every day due to deforestation.
  3. In the Amazon not only inhabit many animals and plants. Also different wild tribes. From the same, many have come to light because of the assistance requested to curb illegal housing many companies that try to profit from raw materials. other, some 100 indigenous tribes, remain isolated and without contact.
  4. As the Amazon is the place where most species in the world, Some of the animal species most characteristic of this place are the Jaguars and Electric Eels. both, very dangerous species.
  5. The Amazon forest has a tropical climate, so it is hot and humerus throughout the year. The average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius.
  6. Amazon is so great, that if a country, It would be the ninth largest because of its size.
  7. As we said in the introduction, Amazon is the lungs of the planet. It produces more than 20% of the oxygen on Earth. The remaining forests, only between 10% and 15%.
  8. animals and plants have been discovered new species. Have you heard of the new species of monkey called Mura Tamarin?
  9. In recent years they have lost hundreds of animal species due to massive logging, which destabilizes the habitat of such living beings. Do you remember the movie blue macaw River?
  10. Different organizations work daily to protect endangered animals, end the massive illegal logging and reforestation. ¡As Oxizonia! You can also help save the Amazon. As? Ask Us! We will explain how we work and how you can participate.

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