The secret of Paulownias ;

a Oxizonia, we want to end illegal logging in order to save planet Earth and not destroy the habitat of thousands of animal and plant species. For it, we have the Paulownia z07.

  • Paulownia is a deciduous forest tree that comes from China. Thanks to its characteristics as positive and specific, it is a plant species that helps us to afforestation incredibly fast within national territory. With our plantations, long term contribute to nutrient enrichment and high ecological value.

The characteristics of the Paulownias are:

  • The Paulownia grows up to three times faster than other plant species. In five years, reaches the same height and diameter as a pine in 15 years.
  • It is simple and very resistant crop species. So much, I could grow in infertile soils. further, favors soil water retention.
  • You can cut between 6 and 10 years.
  • Absorbs 10 times more c02 than other species. Our trees per hectare per year set up 40 tons of co2 . It is, It is stored in our plantations permanently throughout the life of our plantations.
  • timber (known as left) It has an enviable quality due to its fire resistance, stability(does not deform or crack), its softness and lightness.
  • The leaves are large and can be used as fodder.

Nature gives us the opportunity to save and eliminate the damage we have saved planting Paulownias. Collaborate against climate change

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