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Much more than an environmental project

Oxizonia It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Within this broad area we provide special attention to the vegetation recovery and to combating desertification.

Accumulated considerable experience in education programs, training, volunteering, environmental communication and study and conservation of nature.

Our activities are open to the participation of different groups: school, particular, people at risk of exclusion, people with disabilities, company employees ... In our programs we collaborate with companies, government and other entities of the Third Sector.

We work for conservation, recovery of forests and climate change mitigation.


The origin.

Europe has lost its forest mass, Asia is almost a desert, macroindustrializada with China at the head and Africa is an experiment annihilation. The only lung that now allows us to breathe on the planet is around the Amazon area.

In the Amazon governments and administrations manage to protect a part of the fleeces of illegal logging, intensive agriculture Legal, illegal mining and irreversible contamination of aquifers, often under the guise of tourism. But it's not enough.


Ecological Reserve.

For this reason Oxizonia brings more than 10 years fully committed to protecting the Amazon, from the "adoption" of a forest area of ​​high biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon, in the buffer zone of Manu National Park, specifically in the ecological reserve "Chontachaka".

Through initiatives such as "Sponsor an Amazon forest"And contributions from our sponsors (to which we are immensely grateful) as well as the important contribution of our sponsors, we managed to mitigate the deterioration of the area and enhance its resurgence.
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Forest Fairies and Elves

Consciences factory

Our most exciting project. Forest Fairies is an open space dreams, where the various Schools can plant a tree sustainable and will participate in various activities related to biodiversity and promoting environmental culture to future generations. And will educate a child who will save this planet.
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Children can participate in the enriching experience planting a tree. Our paulownia growth ultrafast.


They are also participants in warm conversation, that will promote environmental awareness early, where the various properties of trees and sustainability of the project will be explained in time. They have the planet in their hands soon.

"You can be the change"

We love what we do and we have big plans, but fortunately or unfortunately, actions of this importance need the support of both private, and companies and organizations.

We need your help

What it gives you Oxizonia?

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In the case of individuals, oxizonia provides a certificate of collaboration through "Project sponsors a Amazon Forest " on our web , that supports your commitment as a human being with mediambiente. It can also be a nice gift for a loved one ...
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In the case of individuals, oxizonia provides a certificate of collaboration through the ;Project sponsors a Amazon Forest " on our web , that supports your commitment as a human being with mediambiente. It can also be a nice gift for a loved one ...


"Forest Fairies and Elves"

Lease 2 hectares for reforestation with Paulownia, that will educate more than 14 environmentally.000 students.
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Sponsorship of 10 trees.
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Oxygen consumption 1 person during 1 year

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/ year

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Oxizonia provide the sponsoring companies:

  • APADRINADORA company certificate of 10 trees in Spain, which it may be used in social marketing campaign, or any other promotional initiative of the company.
  • Oxizonia provide monthly reports of actions taken in their different fields of action in Spain and Amazonas.
  • At the same time, Oxizonia give visibility platform web, social networks, reports in the press and media, to project sponsors.
  • The sponsoring companies will have total freedom to visit when they want the repopulation of forest fairies, and get to know our project hand of its founders.
  • Oxizonia will fully available to the sPONSORS ENTERPRISES, all your corporate image and any other requested documentation (images, reports, multimedia…;) for use in Corporate Social Responsibility or any other initiative that reinforces the environmental commitment of the company .